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Natural Cosmetics; A Love Story

Guest post by Kenna Whitnell

It all began one holiday season, I was thinking of gifts to make for my family, searching the web for some fun DIY’s and projects. I came across some lip balm recipes and instantly knew I had to make some! I contacted a local beekeeper for some beeswax and went to the health food store for some cocoa butter, coconut oil and peppermint essential. With just a few simple ingredients I was amazed at all the products I could make. I kept doing research and experimenting and trying out so many different things on my face, hair and body. I was hooked instantly! Every day I could not wait to get home from school to make some new concoction in the kitchen.

Now, my passion has spiralled out and I make almost every beauty/ skincare product that I use (cleanser, toner, moisturizer, sunscreen, shampoo, conditioner, foundation, eyeshadows, bronzer, the list goes on…). In late 2014, I began to share my products with others and have received in return the greatest support and positive feedback. I have heard from numerous people that they can notice a positive change in their skin (colour, texture, acne), since using natural skin care products.

Why is it important to use natural products? Let’s begin with the source of all the natural ingredients… plants! Plants cover this earth and provide us with food, shelter and clean air. While supporting the entirety of the planet, they also are going through complicated chemical processes, creating chemicals that are also beneficial to us. So not only do they provide us with the basic necessities of life, but they also go above and beyond to create chemicals to enhance our lives in cosmetic or therapeutic ways. I could continue praising plants, but I’m sure you get the picture. In a nutshell, plants are there for us and always have been. Synthetic chemicals on the other hand are harmful to plants, harmful to our bodies, and create toxic by-products that build up in our system and damage our environment.

My goal is to have a self-sustained business, where I can grow, harvest, extract and press plant material for all of the products that I make. At 19-years-old I have made the first step in that direction. I purchased myself an essential oil steam distiller and am currently growing numerous herbs. Making my own essential oils for my products will be a huge leap for me in becoming self-sustained. This industry is not only about making more natural choices for yourself but also to create a harmonious environment for the future. 

I hope to share my knowledge with others and spread the word about natural skincare and cosmetic options. We don’t need chemicals to feel and look great. It’s as simple as that! 

If you’ve been meaning to try something natural for a while… stop waiting! Your skin, body and mind will thank you. Try this simple recipe at home for an Acne Fighting Toner. It's a timeless favourite of mine, enjoy!


2 T Basil (double amount if fresh)

1 C boiling water

What to do:

Infuse for 30 min, apply in dabbing motion to skin on a cosmetic pad, air dry 

You are a natural beauty, don’t ever forget it! 

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