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think Bread baking, wild foraging, gardening, & butchery 

Reconnect to the things that make us human.

By participating in a Minga by 10C workshop, you come back to who you really are. When you knead bread dough, dig your fingers into the soil, or use your senses to forage for wild edibles, you are getting out of your head and into your body and the present moment.


All this leaves you with a feeling of accomplishment.

You're feeding yourself. You're becoming resilient.

This is when you start feeling possibility in your bones.

This is when you're closer to living the life of intention you've been craving.

Inspiring life on our own terms.

We believe in learning by doing.

Join our immersive, hands-on experiences and step out of your ordinary.

View our upcoming hands-on experiences

What Others Are Saying


Eric Voss 

The clear and straightforward approach to sourdough bread making was so effective that within weeks of attending the workshop I was already experimenting with my own sourdough variations. The enjoyment and satisfaction I get from bread making has been truly transformative for me and I am ever thankful to the Minga Team for being the gateway to this enriching new path I'm currently on.

Glenn Roberts_edited.jpg

Glenn Roberts

  With the support of Minga's resources we went from just putting food on our table to producing the food on our table. How great is



Siobhán Hanley

When one is involved in these manual skills, the brain is working and solving problems in different ways. It’s like going on an unmapped journey. It gives me a sense of participating in life and life processes in a way that feels very good. Following instructions carefully, having respect for what has been done before, for knowledge, and being a willing and humble disciple open to new things, gives me a sense of being connected with life. It’s a feeling of complete satisfaction — emotional, physical, mental.

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