Minga's instructors are

professionals, hobbyists, rebels, and nerdy DIY-ers who love what they do.    


  • A ready-made marketing and ticket-sale platform that already has the attention of your dream students.

  • Wrap-around logistical supports from Minga's team, including workshop development, securing venue, and sourcing equipment.

  • Ability to craft a fully customized workshop experience that is unique to you and is the best possible vehicle to deliver your genius.

  • Coaching to hone your leadership and facilitation skills to deliver the best experience possible to your students

  • Ability to grow your own mailing list and sell your products or services directly to workshop participants (where appropriate and agreed upon with Minga).

When I began working with Minga, some 5 years ago, it was an opportunity to build and develop my brand. A brand that has now provided me with countless offers from locations all over Ontario to speak or lead workshops related to meat and meat education. Minga really was the springboard that helped me build the confidence I needed to be an effective communicator and educator. 

Jamie Waldon

Waldron Butchers

  • Are committed to infusing their workshops with as much hands-on practice for participants as possible.

  • Show up to empower their students with hope and positivity as well as practicals skills and resources.

  • Are comfortable working with groups of varying sizes, depending on the topic, activities, and setting of each workshop.

  • Understand that leading a workshop is a two-way street in which our participants bring valuable knowledge and experience to share with you and their fellow participants. 

  • Want to work in partnership with Minga to deliver the best experience and content possible, including collaborating on course descriptions, marketing materials, handout content, participant take aways, and receiving facilitation feedback and coaching. 


Over the last 5 years we have been collaborating with Minga on a number of projects

and we have always been blown away by the organization,

effort and attention to details that the Minga team puts into all of their projects.

If you are considering partnering with Minga I can't recommend them enough. 

Rob Avis P.Eng

Verge Permaculture Inc.