In everything that we do here at Minga, our deepest motivation is to make it possible for YOU to discover and create a life on your own terms. We’ve talked a bit about what “life on your terms” means already, but it’s a pretty tall order, it’s overwhelming to look at your whole life and say “ok, now I’m the boss of all of this!” So how do you get started?

In order to live a life on your terms, you have to first become aware of the terms that you are currently living by. That’s a bit of a mind-twisting sentence. What we mean is; what rules are you currently following? What are the “have-to’s,” the “shoulds,” and the “musts” that are running your day-to-day (and long-term) decisions and actions; what you do, when you do it, how you do it, and with whom? In this video, Ami explains how noticing those “have-tos” creates your first opportunity to make choices.

For example, one person’s have-to is: “I HAVE to feed my kids a home cooked snack every single snack, 3 times a day”. You start to notice that when snack time comes around, your kids are loosing their minds, you’re stressed out trying to throw almond butter and oats into a blender to make energy balls, you’re unpleasant to be around, you’re on edge, your kids are on edge and your generally feeling dishevelled and overwhelmed. By asking yourself, do I REALLY need to feed my kids homemade snacks ALL THE TIME? Will 80% of the time due? Can I buy healthy snacks from the health food store sometimes?

Start asking yourself, ‘how important is it really’. It will give you the space to start noticing what’s limiting you, holding you back, and generally making life feel not-so-great.  Maybe you’ll start to notice that all your have-to’s are really just choices.  Choices that you get to choose.  It gives the space for freedom to start opening up and the beginnings of living life on your terms.

Share in the comment section some of the have-to’s that are holding you back.

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