What does 'life on your own terms' mean?

One of the things that drives both of Minga's Leading Ladies is a deep conviction that we all deserve the space to create a life that lights us up, a life that has us waking up ready to take on the world every morning... a life on our own terms. That was the motivation for starting to teach hands-on skills, and that's why we now offer coaching and training. These are all ways to step towards life on your terms.

But what do we mean exactly by life on your terms? We thought we'd let Ami explain it.

Ok great, right? But what does that actually look like? So many of us are so deeply immersed in externally imposed definitions of success and goodness and what we SHOULD do that we actually think it was our own idea!!! If you're interested in testing that, try sitting with the question for a bit and see what comes up.

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