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New Lady on the Scene; Introducing Ella!

Sometimes when two women inspire each other, they decide to get together to build a company. Minga is excited to welcome Ella Henderson to join founder Ami Dehne to form a Minga-licious dynamic duo. Right now we’re just dating and dreaming; planning workshops together, tinkering with Minga’s nuts and bolts a bit, and developing ideas for fresh new offerings. We are super excited to be courting each other and dreaming about how we can evolve Minga together.

We’ll keep you updated on how our courting is going and try to be honest with you about our ups and downs, inspirations, frustrations, breakthroughs, and breakdowns.

Here is a little bit about the new lady on the scene; Ella Henderson

Ella lives in Guelph with her husband Angus, toddler Nell, and dog Finnegan.  She is a hiking, camping, bike-riding, cloth-diapering, coffee guzzling mamma. Right now, her idea of a perfect day starts with a jog, followed by strong coffee, and then goes anywhere from the park to a hike to painting the house... all the while being really excited about toddler poops in the potty and singing the ABCs (yes this is life right now).  Professionally, Ella is a community developer, facilitator, and workshop designer with a background in Anthropology (of all things). She is a master at getting shit done and is passionate about creating balance and wellness in the lives of individuals and in communities.

Ella is super jazzed about joining Minga because she believes that by building opportunities for people to connect with and learn from each other, we are opening up space for you to feel empowered, connected, and to make more intentional choices about how you live your life. In other words: learning new skills is cool and fun and makes people, families, and communities healthier and happier. Ella is curious about how Minga can expand to include more of the agrarian and food-related skills that it does so well, and also start to introduce broader spectrum of skill-building opportunities such as personal care and wellness skills. Keep an eye out for a few tester offerings coming up this year.


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