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Minga Talks Resilience: 3 speakers + 3 perspective-shifting topics + beer = a great night out!

How does one small social enterprise reach and shift the realities of a whole s**t-ton of people? Well Minga does that one workshop at a time, AND we are excited to be launching a new endeavour: Minga Talks!!

We’ll have three amazing presentations by inspiring folks from Guelph, each one talking about a massive shift that they see occurring in the the world. They’ll talk about what these shifts mean for industry, for communities, and for each of us in our individual lives. You can read more detailed abstracts and speaker bios on on the event page, but here is a quick rundown of who you will get to hear from and chat with on this amazing thought-provoking night:

Alex Chapman, Manager of the Climate Change Office for the City of Guelph, talking about:

The ROBOCARS are coming! How self-driving cars are going to change life as we know it?

What can nature teach us about how to design better cities, buildings, and processes? How is this idea transforming design?

Jamie Miller, founder of Biomimicry Frontiers, and the Biomimicry Commons, talking about:

Biomimicry; nature as a model for transformation

Yours truly (Ami and Ella), Leading ladies of Minga Skill Building Hub, talking about;

How a Guelph-based business is reskilling our community, building self-reliance, creating a life-sustaining economy, and fostering intentional living one workshop at a time.

Minga has been successfully running workshops for over 5 years now and we love it! We think that most of the people who attend the workshops love it too. However, we’ve been talking for a few months now about connecting the dots between our higher purpose (Minga's "why") and the nitty-grittiy of venues and pricing that is our day-to-day reality. More to the point, we want YOU ALL to be able to connect those dots (check out “What does Minga DO exactly” and “4 Highlights from 2017 and 5 Awesome Changes in 2018”). Oh and did we mention that we want to grow? We want to reach more people, connect more people, have more people lit-up and creating amazing things in their own worlds.... and we also want to have a thriving, profitable business doing that. You know, just a small wish list, but not at all unreasonable, right?!  We’re not joking when we say we have every intention of changing lives. AND we realize that our workshops are not financially accessible for everyone who could benefit from them - this is a constant conversation piece behind the scenes at Minga head-quarters (A.K.A. Ami's kitchen table).

So Minga Talks are part of the answer to all of this; bring in speakers who have an inspirational or mind-shifting message to share around how we connect with each other, with the planet, or with our food; make sure there are lots of seats; price it as low as possible, and hold it in an comfortable venue where people will enjoy hanging out, think craft brewery.

We are really excited to be partnering on the first incarnation of this new endeavour with Transition Guelph and Royal City Brewing Co. The first ever Minga Talks event will be the keynote event for the 2018 Resilience Festival. Not only this event, but ALL 2018 Minga Talks Events that are coming up in 2018 will be hosted at Royal City Brewing Co.

We really hope to see you on March 23. We would also love to hear from you here on @mingaskillbuilding on Facebook about what you think of this new development, and WHO you would like us to bring in.


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