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Introducing Minga 2.0!

Minga has super powers that the world hasn’t seen yet

Dearest Minga-lovers,

We are incredibly excited to finally be ready to let you know about some really exciting shifts that are coming to this business and our community of skill-loving folks. In addition to the awesome workshops that you all know and love, we are up-ing our game and our impact in this world; supporting our community to radically live the good life through a one-on-one and group coaching program and a business-to-business program.

Why?.... Well the answer to that goes back to the very beginning of Minga and why Ami created a Skill Building Hub in the first place.

Here is what Ami says about why she started Minga:

“I started Minga with a vision of connecting people around skills. Giving them the chance to learn to do practical things that only two generations ago, many of grandparents were masters in. I felt alive when I was using my hands. When I created and made something for myself, I felt a strong sense of pride.  I felt more alive and well. My need was bigger than just personal competence though; I really craved deeper connection with people. I thrived in community and I noticed that the people around me were craving that too. They had jobs, health care, food, homes, even friends and family, but there was a longing for something more, deeper. There was a sadness in the background. I wanted connection for them. I wanted connection for myself. I wanted to help people have a tribe. To feel alive and well.”

what has been missing from Minga is the conversation about the connection between the hands-on skills and the radical paradigm shift that we are committed to in how we operate in life and business. 

“This is where Minga came to birth: I created a business that would help people to feel a similar sense of pride in their lives by relearning to do things for themselves (the skill building) and would also help our communities create a reconnection with each other and find their tribe. I am really proud of what I have done with Minga, and NOW I am ready to do so much more!”

Minga has super powers that the world hasn’t seen yet! It’s a scary and vulnerable place to be when you offer the world something new, something it might not be expecting from you. But what has been missing from Minga is the conversation about the connection between the hands-on skills and the radical paradigm shift that we are committed to in how we operate in life and business.

Why offer one-on one coaching? Ami:

“I’ve personally gone on my own self development journey since the inception of Minga that has allowed me to better see my blind spots and to learn about the stories I tell myself that stop my greatness from shining through (fear of judgement, not being good enough, not knowing enough, not being accepted, being told ‘who do I think I am to do…’). I’ve done work in the self-awareness and consciousness expansion arena, practiced building better relationships with both women and my husband, and most recently, working around boundaries, communication, and letting go. This all has been life changing for me. And through this work, I’ve realized my gift to world. My genius. The super power that comes so naturally to me.”

“I love conversations with people about what keeps them stuck. What are their pain points in their personal lives that are really getting in the way of them feeling alive and well? What are the parts of their lives that are kinda like an itchy sweater; it's supposed to be great, but it just doesn't feel quite right. What is stopping them from actually creating a life they really love?  I love having conversations that help people think outside the box and question what they "have to do" in their lives. I want them to feel courageous enough to actually do things that make them happy. I’m great at having these conversations and helping people see their own blind spots. Most of all, I love it.”

Minga is a business committed to helping people to live life and do business differently. It's about building a sustainable good life through hands-on skills, deep personal development, and authentic connection in your business. 

Why offer business-to-business supports? Ella:

“I knew for a long time that the job I had before Minga (which was a great job!) was not “MY” job. I was living a script of success that had been handed to me by a dominant culture that I trusted; I went to university, I got a job, I was looking for the next job to advance my career and move up the ladder. The only trouble was that I spent a lot of time feeling out of place, like the way my brain worked didn’t fit with what I was supposed to be doing. There was a lot of staring out the window thinking of cycling and hiking adventures that I could plan and D.I.Y projects that I would work on when I got home. When I finally summoned the courage to step off the beaten track and join this little company called Minga, my life changed. Entrepreneurship has me out on the skinny branches of life, getting to create and experiment, and piece things together in new ways and I love the adventure of it! I found the courage to actually do what makes me happy. 

“What I’ve realized is that what I bring to Minga is something that a lot of creative small businesses need; a planning process, and workshop experience design ninja! If Minga is going to change the world then we need to also change how business is done and that means sharing our knowledge about how to create kick-ass workshops and experiences that bring people into your business, that expands your network, and share your genius with the world. I am so excited to support small business owners who want to move beyond selling their wares, and into building a community and experiences for their tribe!”

Minga is a business committed to helping people to live life differently.  So far we’ve done that through hands-on re-skilling workshops; inviting you to learn skills that only a couple of generations ago were part of day-to-day life. Now we’re standing in our own leadership and offering more ways to nurture the change we have experienced in our own lives and want to see spread far and wide! It feels like Minga is finally spreading its wings, and we are so excited to be offering this to our existing community and to build a bigger Minga tent for us all to play in.

Our bold request to you is to let us know what you think. Email us at with comments, suggestions, or questions. Share this new intel with someone else who you think would be interested. Or just keep watching to see the adventure unfold with a new website, and new content coming out to you… oh yes, and lots of great workshops! However you engage, we’re grateful for your support.

Ella and Ami


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