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Minga Skill Building Hub finds locals who are knowledgeable in a certain skill and provide them with the space to share their skill with others. They find individuals who are yearning to learn a new skill and philosophies while meeting people or catching up with old friends. They bring both together by providing the space and materials for a hands-on skill building workshops to take place.

It has been more than a year since my first Minga class. The goat cheese making class with Greg had led me to think more deeply about food I eat, the source of food, and the idea that “if you put the best in, you’ll get the best out“.

Last sunday, Y & I attended our second Minga class.  As a bad Asian, I love bread more than rice. My favourite is those grainy nutty hearty breads with a toasty rustic crust, yet still soft and fluffy on the inside. Despite trying numerous fancy grocery store brands and local artisan bakery breads, I am still unsatisfied with the bread available in this market. I like breads with a wide variety of grains, nuts and seeds but these breads are usually so dense and rock hard on the inside! Life is hard enough – no one needs a hard bread.

As it has been a constant struggle finding the perfect balance of good texture and good nutrition in a loaf (sobs), I was so excited when I learned about this No-Knead Bread Baking workshop. I want to be able to have a good foundation recipe so that I can tweak it to my preference. Since commercial breads nowadays contain so many weird ingredients (ie. yoga mat in bread), it is probably better to start from scratch.

Ami, the founder of Minga Skills Hub, has been experimenting (for selected workshops) with a two-component payment system. 1) A fixed deposit to secure your spot in class and 2) A Pay-What-You-Think-Its-Worth after the class.

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