Get Unstuck • Feel Energized• Unleash Your Creativity

THE 3 KEY STEPS to unlocking your
Do You Struggle With Any Of These?

Fulfilling other peoples goals and visions for their life but not your own

Frustrated by how you're spending your time

Putting your creative endeavours aside 

Worrying about what other people think of you

Doubting yourself

Feeling lonely or craving more connection in your life

Getting bored or feeling drained

Wanting a sense of purpose

You're tired of spending your time, energy, and sanity wearing that itchy sweater, we get it! We've been there.

Get in touch today for your free coaching consultation. 

Too many of us are living a life that feels a little like an itchy sweater, (you know the one - it’s probably in your closet right now!) It's warm, well made, it even looks great… but you can’t get around the fact that it feels uncomfortable.

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I'm Ami Dehne and I help DIY radicals like you figure out what you want, determine what's holding you back, and help you take the steps to bring your vision to life.

​My super power is helping people get out of their 'itchy sweaters' and create something wonderful that is truly theirs. I love it because I've lived it. My career started on the mainstream highway, thinking it was normal to REALLY not like my job, feeling like I had no right to imagine a different way of living.

I work with DIYer's visionaries because I get you, because I am one.  I don't like going with the flow. I enjoy creating, making, crafting, designing, and figuring it out in my own way. 


The changes you are craving might be small or they might be gigantic. Either way, you're a radical in your own life. Imagine being clear and courageous enough to actually choose a life that fits, where you feel complete, confident, and alive. 

Only dead fish go with the flow. ​ Your life becomes yours when you can define what

success looks like to YOU!


           Ami has a real gift for listening. She puts herself fully over here with me and it's evident that she truly cares for my greatness and wellbeing.  She asks all the right questions which keeps my thoughts and feelings flowing and on track. I value how much she trusts her instincts and intuition and she pulls out of me the answers I'm looking for.  Her coaching skills are solid, her demeanour is joyful and empathetic, and I'm deeply grateful to have her as a positive force in my life. 

Paula Blundell

We share the tools, mindset, and strategies to create the ability for you to make a choice.  

(We also bring fun, love, and laughter.)

Here’s what we will create together, starting with our very first conversation

(no cliff-hangers or up-sells, just the straight goods.)

Move from fear, doubt, and second guessing yourself to actually showing up and behaving like the person you want to be.


Move from confusion, overwhelm, and people-pleasing to deep, calm, clarity on what really lights you up and what you are committed to. What are you craving? What is inside you wanting to get out?

Move from paralysis and feeling bogged down to creating bold, simple goals THAT YOU CAN ACTUALLY ACHIEVE. Do more of what nourishes you and less of what drains you.

     I decided to meet with Ami for a session because I was feeling stuck in my life. I was finding myself constantly drained and not having energy or drive to do the things that matter most to me. I was looking for insight on how to “take back my life.” I would highly recommend Ami for Coaching to anyone who is looking and ready to make change in their life. If you’re feeling stuck or don’t know how to go about using the skills you have, Ami will hear you and guide you on the path that you need to be on.

Oliver Pavia


4 x 60 minute 1:1 sessions with me weekly either in person (Guelph, ON) or online via Zoom. We will dive in and get you clear on what you deeply desire, what is getting in your way, and how to make the necessary changes to get you unstuck.  

Each session will be accompanied by homework to get you thinking differently throughout your day so you are motivated to take action toward what you want most. 

Email or text support during the weeks between sessions to keep you accountable and on track. Gentle nudges are sometimes needed ;)


Your Investment: $350

*** $350 if paid in full or 3 payments of $130***

DIY Radicals Coaching Program Includes:

     Ami is a committed, intuitive coach. She combines her extensive training with her natural instincts to help me get to underlaying issues that I was previously unaware of. I would highly recommend her as a coach. 

Emily Stewart

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't feel like I need 4 x 1:1 sessions

The DIY Radical program is a process. It's not something that can be accomplished through one session. Through our conversations, we will uncover a lot of stuff that is going on under the surface. The 'ah-ha' moments are just the beginning - the magic is actually in holding the space open, being willing to sit in the discomfort of having uncovered something, and creating something new that you can put in that space- something you choose. One session is not enough to get into what's really going on for you, to get past the stories that you tell yourself and others about why things are the way they are and why you are stuck. You and I will dig underneath all of that to create something new. That can be uncomfortable and it would be easier to just take the ah-ha moment and go back to your normal patterns of thinking and doing, feeling great, but still stuck. I am committed to your transformation and you owe it to yourself to stick it out and learn the tools that will help you navigate your life for years to come.

How do I pay you?

After the free consulation, I will send you a invoice that you can pay online.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes. A payment plan of 3 payments of $130 is available. If you require an additional payment plan, we can further discuss what works best for you.

Can I schedule a one-off session in the future if I'm feeling stuck?

Yes! Once you've gone through the initial DIY and Homesteader Radical coaching program, if you need a follow up coaching session in the future for whatever reason, the cost is $85 per one hour session.

How do I sign up?

Get in touch to schedule a free 30 minute consultation session. This initial meeting will give us both a better understanding of what areas you hope to focus on, and ensure we are a good fit for one another. If everything feels right and we both agree to move forward, we will schedule our future 1:1 coaching sessions, and I will send you an invoice to confirm your booking.