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bacheloretteIt’s wedding planning time

Are you looking for an exciting day out for the special bride-to-be?  

Sign up for a private workshop with Minga Skill Building Hub for an interactive, fun-filled afternoon for the bride and her lovely ladies.


Choose from one of the workshops listed below, or contact us to create a unique experience to suite your bachelorette!



13927529_mCanning – Explore the art of canning in this hands-on and interactive workshop.  Learn to simply and safely stock your pantry with beautiful, delicious treats to enjoy long after the season has passed. You will make, taste and take home jars of pickles, jams or jellies.



25272950_sDIY Personal Care Products – Come enjoy a relaxing couple of hours learning how to make healthy and inexpensive body care products.  During the workshop, you will get to make all natural deodorant, lip balm, shampoo and face moisturizer.  Your ladies will leave with these four products that are perfect for themselves, their family and make a wonderful gifts.



Fermenting – Join us for a tasty, hands-on experience of fermenfermentationting various products such as sauerkraut, kombucha or kimchee! You will learn the history and uses of these amazing super foods and how to properly prepare ferments in a hands-on method. Spend some time with your girlfriends while creating these delicious and nutritious fermented treats to take home!



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Foraging for Wild Edibles – Come enjoy the wonders of nature while foraging for wild edibles on a late morning/early afternoon hike! Whether you’re keen to learn about nature, want to be more self-reliant or perhaps lack a green thumb, foraging is a fantastic window by which to explore the natural world and increase one’s awareness of and respect for its beauty and complexity. Wild foods are very nutritious and often have much higher amounts of minerals and nutrients than their domesticated counterparts.  Your team will leave with the knowledge of what’s edible and what’s not in their backyard, as well as a harvest of wild edibles to take home!



Homemade Chèvre Cheese Making – Join us for a hands-ogoat-cheesen cheese making workshop, where you will learn about the entire 36 hour chèvre making process.  You will get to make spiced chèvre balls and learn how to spice a Boursin style cheese. Each lady will get to take home fresh spreadable chèvre and a plate of cheese balls to share with her family and friends.



Macrame 3Macrame – Enjoy a morning/afternoon while creating your own beautiful and unique macrame wall hanging! Macrame is making a reappearance in modern homes, giving character and texture to spaces. Inspired by the 70’s fad (and probably seen in your grandmother’s home) it has been revived with a tasteful modern appeal.  In this workshop, your ladies will learn the basic knots and techniques to create a macrame wall hanging that is approximately 10″x 35,” made from 3 strand 3/16″ (5mm) natural un-dyed cotton. Each lady will leave with a finished wall hanging and a mind filled with inspiration!



sashikodenim1Sashiko Mending – Work wizardry on your worn out denim in this Sashiko mending workshop! Breathe new life into damaged garments by transforming them into one of a kind pieces with new durability and beauty! Traditionally used for Kimono repair, Sashiko is a simple yet beautiful technique that is easy to learn and gives a second chance to just about any clothing item that needs mending. You will be lead through an introduction to Sashiko mending and within class-time we will cover the basics of stitching patterns on a practice sampler. Your ladies are encouraged to bring along an item with a hole to be repaired. Step-by-step instruction on how to visibly mend will help you get a start on your sashiko mending project to finish at home.



13628676_sSoapmaking – Join us for a morning/afternoon to learn all the bubbly details of traditional soapmaking. Discover the differences and benefits of “real” natural soap vs the commercial brands through an interactive, hands-on workshop, where you will learn the techniques, the ingredients and equipment needed to make your own sudsy bars. We will give you safety info, touch on some fun science (the backbone of soap), the differences in ingredients and the methods and techniques to create your own custom bars. You will customize, mix and mold your own luxurious bars to take home.



Sourdough Bread Baking – Join ubread_in_baskets for a morning/afternoon to explore one of the most ancient human activities, baking bread.  We’ll make bread using the traditional sourdough technique!  Your ladies will leave the workshop with a fresh batch of dough to bake the next day, a freshly baked loaf of bread, a healthy and predictable sourdough starter, and the knowledge and confidence needed to make high-quality, rustic, sourdough bread at home.



Refreshments and lunch can be provided upon request.


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