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bachelorYour best mate is getting married

Have you been put in charge of planning an legendary bachelor party? Want to enjoy a day full of excitement in your own home town?  Minga Skill Building Hub now offers private bachelor parties in Guelph.



Choose from one of the exciting workshops listed below, or contact us to arrange a customized bachelor party!



11645996_sBeer Brewing – Join us for a steamy, fragrant morning/afternoon of mashing grains, boiling worts and hops, and delightful aromas—all in the name of making many people’s favourite beverage, beer! This workshop will explore the process of all-grain brewing. Beginning with milled grains and water, participants will proceed through all the steps for making a beer completely from scratch. Each participant will brew their own 4 litre batch of beer on equipment that can be found in most home kitchens. 



pig_diagramButchery –  Bring your men out for a hands-on, primal experience like no other! In this workshop, you will learn how to break the hog into ‘primals’, which are the first cuts that represent the largest portions of the animal. This is followed by the ‘retail cuts’ which inlcude the shoulder (boston and picnic), loin (chops and loin roasts), belly (bacon, pancetta), leg (ham, proccuttio) and finally the head (headcheese, guanciale).  You and your guys will leave with all the pork required to have the best BBQ’s this year!




Foraging for Wild Edibles – Come enjoy the wonders of nature while foraging for wild edibles on a late morning/early afternoon hike! Whether you’re keen to learn about nature, want to be more self-reliant or perhaps lack a green thumb, foraging is a fantastic window by which to explore the natural world and increase one’s awareness of and respect for its beauty and complexity. Wild foods are very nutritious and often have much higher amounts of minerals and nutrients than their domesticated counterparts.  Your guys will leave with the knowledge of what’s edible and what’s not in their backyard, as well as a harvest of wild edibles to take home!



chickencutsPoultry Butchery – Join us for an engaging workshop where you will learn all you need to know about butchering a bird. Your guide will start by taking you through the basic anatomy of a bird, followed by teaching you various trussing methods and the breakdown of the bird.  You will practice trussing, butterflying, spatchcocking, de-boning, making ”supremes’,  stuffed legs, breast and wings. At the end of the workshop, you will go home with fully butchered, fresh, pasture-raised chickens ready for the BBQ!


Testimonial   “Ami and Wes – the butcher – were fantastic. I booked a class for my friend’s bachelor party and the experience exceeded our expectations. We cooked the chicken and sausages afterwards at a BBQ and it was really amazing, high-quality meat!”

– Peter Huang, Workshop Participant


Sausage Making – Come enjoy a hands-on sausage making experience with a local butcher. You’ll explore all the different facets of sausage making; spice combinations, meat to fat ratios, and proper casing techniques. Your guys will each go home with fresh sausage, packaged for immediate consumption or the freezer, and the confidence and knowledge to successfully make their own at home.



bread_in_basketSourdough Bread Baking – Join us for a morning/afternoon to explore one of the most ancient human activities, baking bread.  We’ll make bread using the traditional sourdough technique!  Your men will leave the workshop with a fresh batch of dough to bake the next day, a freshly baked loaf of bread, a healthy and predictable sourdough starter, and the knowledge and confidence needed to make high-quality, rustic, sourdough bread at home.


Refreshments and lunch can be provided upon request.


For more information or to book your special event, please contact us below.  We look forward to planning your special event with you!

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