Who do you love? Tell us, whoooooooo do you looovvvve??!!

Ok so maybe typing out iconic song lyrics (credit to Bo Diddley) doesn’t fully convey the spirit of the question, but we do really want to know. Here at Minga HQ we are cooking up a new piece of greatness for you. We are reaching out to the Great Ones; the cultural and thought leaders that we all look to for inspiration and guidance in the worlds of growing, building, crafting, DIY, wellness, and good living practice. Our goal is to line up a series of lecture-style events where our community can congregate to connect with these gurus and find new resources, community, and inspiration.

We’ve already started to talk with you about a burgeoning evolution for Minga [Check out: What Does Minga DO Exactly?]. Bringing in your gurus is part of that. So we need to hear from you; who should we reach out to? Who has amazing skills or knowledge that you think there is an appetite for in Guelph and surrounding area? Whose brilliance inspires you to live, make, or grow with intention? This greatness has already started with the Permaculture Design events offered in partnership with Rob Avis from Verge Permaculture last year, and the follow up Permaculture Design Course  that is coming up in the early fall (get registered! This thing is AMAZING!).

Attending a lecture or interactive talk is a great way to refill your idea fuel tank, or dip your baby toe in a new pool (please forgive the mixed metaphors), especially if you aren’t sure you want to invest in a fully hands-on workshop just yet. PLUS, some topics are really tough to deliver in a hands-on workshop or require a big time and cash investment to get into. We’re hoping that hosting a series of lectures will allow our community to learn and connect in different ways, and we’ll be able to offer them at a lower price than the workshops, so more of you can get the goodness.

Help us to bring in more amazing speakers by telling us who you love and who you want to see in Guelph! Add a comment below, post on our Facebook page, or email us at info@mingaskillbuilding.ca.

P.S. Don’t forget that you can still fill out our Community Input Survey (Until September 1) for a chance to win a $25 Minga Gift Certificate.


Stay awesome and make pancakes!


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