At this very moment, it is 10:59pm. My dog is curled up under my desk and my toddler is asleep. The dishes have been dealt with (as much as they will be), the laundry has been put on, the floor has been swept….and now I make the call……do I work or do I go to bed?

A friend of mine had a lovely blog as well as an Etsy shop called “In Stolen Moments” (she has since moved on to other projects, or I would give you the links). When she chose that name, I did not yet have a child and I thought it was cute. Now I get it on a much deeper level. Now I am part of this amazing project with an amazing partner and I just want to work on it ALL.THE.TIME. But I can’t. I can only work on it in moments that I have begged, borrowed, stolen, or bargained for. I am squeezing this project into the corners of my life and then blowing life into it so that it will eventually, hopefully, grow to command more and more space (and, let’s face it, justify itself by bringing in more and more money).

This is definitely not a situation that is unique to me, or even to Ami and I on the Minga team. Anyone with a side hustle knows this constant act of robbing Peter to pay Paul. Anyone with children who wants to make an effort to be present for them knows this.

So here’s a peek at how Minga ticks.

I work a part time job that takes up 20 hours of the week (4 days a week, 5 hours a day). On the days that I work, I have child care for 8 hours so I get about two blissful hours to work on Minga between job and hopping on my bike to do daycare pick up. Ami’s child care schedule only overlaps with mine for about 1.5 hours on two afternoons a week. So we try to make the most of that time by venting and downloading all the things that need to be done and that we needed to check-in with each other about, and then she tears out the door to make it to daycare pick-up. That’s it.  We walk away with to-do lists as long as our arms and then squeeze those into the cracks between feeding, cleaning, playing, and managing families.

Sometimes we get greedy and we book in a bigger chunk of time, but that usually means finding a way to entertain my two-year-old and her 4 month old (thank goodness her 2.5 year-old is at daycare). One of us usually ends up trying to breastfeed while typing and then have a serious business conversation at the same time. And it ends up looking a bit like this (no breastfeeding included in image):




The results are that sometimes emails don’t get responded to as quickly as we would like. Plans don’t move ahead a quickly as we would like. Things often feel rushed. AND we are totally energized by the work. AND we have a million ideas that we just need time to implement. AND we walk away from meetings PUMPED to keep doing it…In Stolen Moments.




An audio snap shot into one of our Stolen Moments.

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